Royalty HK Limited (RY) is a marketing company that specialises in below the line marketing and direct selling.

The company does face to face marketing and team building: Face to face marketing is its main source of income. RY does shopping mall events, roadshows and exhibitions to help their business partners (WWF, Calimex, Shaves2U, etc) sell products to customers directly (charity donation plans, monthly shaving products subscription, etc); If a newcomer shows promising potential during the trial period,  Royalty will allocate resources for him/her to build his/her own business team.

“Since I have been working in the company for more than three months, I believe it is fair for me to assess the company’s management policies.”

With an owner that likes to live an energetic lifestyle, the office of Royalty generates a casual and fun vibe with colourful furnitures and a pool table for entertainment. Such decision to adopt an open working environment like Google is well received by the people working there because the majority of salesmen are 26 years old or below and do not want to wear a full suit every time they go to work.

A commission based income system encourages team leaders to actively foster the growth of his team because their sales results can have a positive impact on his income. Whenever there is a newcomer, the team leader can receive a 30% bonus of  his  income that month if the newcomer achieve a certain level of sales amount. Therefore, team leaders are always motivated to help out newcomers. To assist leaders’ effort in helping newcomer, Royalty has a system called ‘13558’ for leaders to see how their trainees are progressing (13558 is a 5-page manual that includes sales techniques, mentality training, etc).

Jeffrey Kwok – Team Leader